POLYMONO® micro synthetic fiber reinforcement
About Product
Polymono® micro synthetic fibers are used in any concrete application to provide plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement crack reduction, thereby enabling concrete more durable and more resilience over the entire span of service life. It is easy to use and can be directly mixed into concrete, eliminating the time and effort needed to transport and install traditional mesh for the purposes of shrinkage/temperature crack control.
Usage Instructions and Mixing
Depending on the project requirements, Polymono® recommended dosages vary between 0,3 kg/m3 and 2,0 kg/m3. Homogeneous mixture is obtained by addition of Polymono® to the aggregate band at the concrete batching plant or by mixing in a high speed concrete mixer for at least 5 minutes in the field. It is recommended to use plasticizer additives in high doses.
Technical Specifications
Formulated to address early age cracking problems, Polymono micro synthetic fibers help prevent the propagation of cracks in the plastic state – precisely when most cracks occur. During the plastic settlement phase, the fibers create a three-dimensional support network that resists the downward pull of gravity, thus keeping aggregates in suspension and promoting uniform bleeding. This fiber network increases the tensile strain capacity of concrete during the plastic shrinkage phase as well. 
Mitigates shrinkage/temperature cracks. 
100% alkali resistant. Non-corrosive. No chemical reaction. 
Long term resistance to deterioration when in contact with moisture and alkalis present in cement paste or the substances present in air-entraining and chemical admixtures. 
Increases durability and service life of concrete. 
Reduces freeze/thaw damage and mitigate permeability of water and chemicals into concrete due to three-dimensional effect of the fibers within the concrete mix. 
Used in shotcrete applications reducing rebound greatly and save material. 
Application Advantages
Saves time from handling the steel mesh on the site. 
Significantly reduces application times and direct labor expenses. 
Reduces slab thickness as concrete cover is not needed anymore thanks to being non-corrosive.
Prevention of corrosion increases service life and reduces maintenance costs. 
Eliminates labor related risks and removes potential hazards from the work site related to steel mesh and steel fibers. 
Does not damage construction equipment as steel fiber. 
Reduces costs of storage and can be stored for long-term. 
Overall cost is lower than steel mesh and steel fibers. 
Packaging Types
Custom packaging alternatives by application requirements.

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