POLYMACRO® macro synthetic fiber reinforcement
About Product
Macro synthetic fiber Polymacro® has been designed to develop excellent bond within the concrete matrix by its innovative emboss shape specifically for shotcrete applications and tunnel linings to increase impact and flexural resistance.
Usage Instructions and Mixing
Depending on the project requirements, Polymacro® recommended dosages vary between 2 kg/m3 and 7,5 kg/m3. Homogeneous mixture is obtained by addition of Polymacro® to the aggregate band at the concrete batching plant or by mixing in a high speed concrete mixer for at least 5 minutes in the field. It is recommended to use plasticizer additives in high doses.
Polymacro® macro synthetic fibers can be used as reinforcement instead of steel mesh and steel fiber within concrete. Our engineering department provides technical assistance on demand for necessary project calculations such as energy (joule) absorption and flexural capacity calculations.
Technical Specifications
Fiber distribution throughout the concrete matrix creates a three-dimensional reinforcement network that allows high level energy absorption and toughness.
These features increase crack control under high stress, minimize shrinkage and provide resilience and extended service life of concrete elements.
Synthetic fibers prevent risk of corrosion compared to steel fiber and wire mesh reinforcement.
Great number of fibers resulted by its low density allows to achieve three-dimensional reinforcement in concrete matrix.
Provides long-term durability without risk of corrosion. 
Increased shatter, impact and abrasion resistance.
Mitigates shrinkage/temperature cracks.
Supports concrete structure exposed to extreme levels of freeze/thaw.
Supports the flexural structure of concrete exposed to acid and salty environments.
Increases ductility and improves energy absorption capacity. 
Eliminates the need for steel mesh and steel fibers by providing structural residual flexural strength to concrete. 
Application Advantages
Saves time from handling the steel mesh on the site.
Significantly reduces application times and direct labor expenses.
Reduces slab thickness as concrete cover is not needed anymore thanks to being non-corrosive.
Prevention of corrosion increases service life and reduces maintenance costs.
Eliminates labor related risks and removes potential hazards from the work site related to steel mesh and steel fibers.
Does not damage construction equipment as steel fiber.
Reduces costs of storage and can be stored for long-term.
Overall cost is lower than steel mesh and steel fibers.
Packaging Types
Custom packaging alternatives by application requirements.

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