MONOFIRE® ultra fine micro synthetic fiber
About Product
Monofire® micro synthetic fibers for concrete made from 100% virgin polypropylene. Designed specifically for use in concrete for fire resistance in concrete mix at tunneling applications. Monofire® is alkali resistant, non-absorptive and completely non-corrosive. Monofire® fibers have special treatment by production and have great mixing and homogenous distribution in concrete. Their use protects concrete from stresses which cause spalling during a rapid heat increase.
Usage Instructions and Mixing
Depending on the project requirements, monofire® recommended dosages vary between 1,5 kg/m3 and 2,0 kg/m3. Homogeneous mixture is obtained by addition of Monofire® to the aggregate band at the concrete batching plant or by mixing in a high speed concrete mixer for at least 5 minutes in the field. It is recommended to use plasticizer additives in high doses.
Technical Specifications and Advantages
When concrete is heated, desorption of moisture in the outer layer occurs. Due to rapid rise in temperature, vapor pressure rapidly rises. Insufficient tensile strength results in sudden dislodge in the form of explosive spalling of the surface layer. Monofire’s below 20 micron ultra-fine filaments uniformly distribute multi–dimensionally throughout the concrete. At high temperatures, Monofire® fibers start to melt and create a void matrix that water vapor can fill in. This melting facilitates the reduction in the internal stresses in the concrete that causes the explosive spalling so that the reinforcement can be protected and insulated by sufficient concrete cover. As it is below 20 micron and 6 mm in length, number of fibers is increased tremendously, over 500 million filament/kg. In general, suggested usage is 1,5 kg/m3 for 120 minutes fire resistance (RWS) for normal strength concrete where over 750 million microscopic voids are created.
Monofire® is ultra-fine and can be used in high dosages therefore, state of the art anti-static coating is applied by special production technique for superior mixing and homogenous distribution in concrete.
Packaging Types
Custom packaging alternatives by application requirements.

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