About Us

About Us
Polyfibers® established in 2001, is the first producer of micro and macro synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement products in Turkey.
Through an ongoing commitment to research and development,Polyfibers® has transformed and revolutionized its products by combining high technology synthetic materials with unique designs and manufacturing methods.
As of 2022, Polyfibers® became the largest producer in EMEA region with its new investments and acquisitions. Thanks to its experienced production team and technical sales team, Polyfibers® offer innovative solutions of concrete reinforcement with the complete range of high performance micro and macro synthetic fibers, specifically engineered to provide right solution to all kinds of industrial floor, tunnel, pavement, transportation, infrastructure, mining and precast clients.
In order to provide sustainable solutions, Polyfibers® has established state-of-the-art testing laboratory performing fiber reinforced concrete evaluations and gives design engineering consultancy to clients and tailor-made solutions for the major projects.
Polyfibers® along with ISO 9001-14001 certified manufacturing facilities is proud to serve the world market as a key global player. With offices and authorized distributors at different locations of 5 continents of the world, Polyfibers® exports to over 50 countries its high performance fiber reinforcement products.